My Mind Map

Mind Map on my thoughts and learningI have constructed my own mindmap about an issue that i feel is important. I have chosen digital sandcastles as a key concept within the-learning subject. This is important as it allows students to choose their own learning path and decide what they feel is important and relevant. To a teacher this is a fantastic way to see the childs learning process and their thinking patterns. I also feel that students appreciate the freedom to construct their own creative ways to express their learning. What a great way to share classroom learning with the home or even on a global scale. This really is what they mean by child centered learning.

Change within the classroom- reaction

In response to Kevs blog about “new technology schooling” i feel that schooling is changing and that we should embrace it and work together to create  effective teaching strategies in place for the technology.  For effective change to occur i feel that a teachers attitude is key to its success. Change within classrooms does take time a a lot of effort. The use of computers across all KLA’s and introducing them into the classroom for extensive use can feel confronting for some. I feel though that even if classrooms dont make such a “radical” change as this, that through the process of seeing if it would work teachers would be forced to assess their current teaching methods (what a positive thing!).

With big risk comes big gains. Change can be confronting but it helps as to assess what we have done and where we want to go.

Expression through blogs- reaction

After reading adams blog posting i found it alarming that some teachers fear possible criticism and negative reactions over their postings and thus sensor them. I do understand that the Internet is a global publishing tool and hat anyone can access this information. A blog is somewhere where teachers can discuss new ideas and share experiences with others. I do think it is important that teachers don’t include personal details of themselves or students within the blogs but i do feel that everyone has a right of self expression./ A Blog should enable people to share ideas and not be afraid that they may seem controversial.  Schools should encourage this type of communication between teachers on a global scale as we could lean a lot by listening to others.


Internet usage- responce

Brendan’s blogposting about the use of the internet within school was interesting and made me think about other issues surrounding Internet usage. I have only just personally connected to the Internet( late i know) and the reason for such a delay was a pure $$$$$ factor. I always made use of the university computers and when i visited friends and family. In my past blogs i have talked about the advantages of having students communicate with teacher through their home computers. Although the number of household that have PC’s are increasing i cant help to wonder how some students may feel “left out of the loop” and dont have that access to the Internet and computers. It leads me to the question… Is the usage of computers within the classroom alienating or emphasising what some children just dont have?  Its just a thought and i think that teacher attitude and they manner in which computers are used are key to addressing this problem.

Making Photo stories- reaction

I have just tuned into janelles video photo story on her blog site. I enjoyed reading about her experiences with the creation of a story using the imovie software. I found it she used music and transitions in an effective way o put across the sorrow that the impoverished children feel. I also really enjoyed making my movie. I was amazed at how simple it was to contrast my photos into a moving piece of art. It would be a great idea to make Photo stories with children and it is something that they could sucessfully achieve. What a fun and creative way to show a students learning!

Programing- the new higher order thinking task

I have found Veronica’s blog though Nicole’s blog page.  She had some interesting and thought provoking ideas on students programing rather than just doing online tasks. Having just experienced this myself using the LAMBS software i found found it to be much harder than what i first thought it would be. This then leads my thought onto how much thinking and development goes into programs and online tasks. It takes a lot of planning, for-thought, logic, application skills and prediction skills to program, let alone a lot of knowledge of the topic area. So yes i do agree that students programing is a beneficial activity as it is a rich learning experience and involves many high order thinking skills.

Response to Quest Atlantis

This posting is in response to Nicoles blogabout quest Atlantis. I have always been a fan of the life simulation game “The Sims” and i have lost or used( depending on your opinion) hundreds of hours to the the game. I think that if this Quest Atlantis can have the same addictive effect upon students while integrating educational task that it is a great tool for the classroom. I enjoy the idea that students can interact with other students on a global scale. I do wonder though that the popularity of gaming on this global scale is so massive in its movement that it is almost a religion amongst some.  Who though church could be so much fun 🙂